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Swarnaprashan Sanskar | Immune Booster

Immune Booster for Kids to protect against covid and all viral disease

  • Ended
  • 100 Indian rupees
  • Pandav Nagar ComplexEast Delhi (Main Branch)

Service Description

Ayurvedic medicine called Swarna Prashan has proved to be the most effective among all such viral epidemics for children. The dosage of which will be given at Anupam Holistic Health Care on Pushya Nakshatra. Therefore, all the parents are suggested to must give the dose of Swarna Prashan to their children. Under the Kaumar Kalyal scheme run by Anupam Group India, a dose of Swarna Prashan will be given at Anupam Holistic Health Care. Why is Swarna Prashan necessary? Swarna-Prashan is an ayurvedic medicine that is the best method to increase immunity in children's bodies to fight against all kinds of epidemics and many other diseases. Just as vaccination is used to prevent disease in allopathic medicine, in the same way, it is used in Ayurveda. The effect of this medicine increases in Pushya Nakshatra. It enhances Medha (intellect), Agni (digestive fire), and strength. It is supposed to give long & healthy life, welfare factor, virtue factor, varna (brilliant) and removes Graha pain. Its regular consumption makes the child intelligent and protects against diseases, helping in memory growth. Very special Swarna-Prashan: Suvarnaprashan, which proves to be very valuable and effective, is prepared from medicines like pure gold, cow's ghee, honey, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Vacha, Giloy, Shankhpushpi, and many more. Only a few drops of this medicine are given to children. Children from six months to 16 years of age are given this medicine in Pushya Nakshatra. The effect of this medicine is visible in four to six months. Swarna-Prashan is mentioned in the Kashyapa Samhita of Ayurveda, in which Maharishi Kashyap is considered a pediatrician. He invented the Swarna-Prashan Kalpa (syrup). Given its importance, it is also considered one of the 16 sacraments. The importance of Swarna Prashan has been told in Kashyap Samhita. सुवर्णप्राशन हि एतत् मेधाग्निबलवर्धनम्, आयुष्यं मंगलं पुण्यं वृष्यं ग्रहापहम्। मासान् परममेधावी क्याधिभिर्न च धृष्यते, षडभिर्मासै: श्रुतधर: सुवर्णप्राशनाद् भवेत्॥ MRP is Rs. 8999/- 100ml but normal charges under "Kumar Kalyan Scheme" Rs.300/- per dose per child.

Cancellation Policy

Once Booking done, cancellation can't be done, only rescheduling of services can be done (as per availibility).

Contact Details

  • Anupam Holistic Health Care | Best Trusted Ayurvedic Clinic in Delhi NCR | Thyroid PCOD PCOS Infertility Arthritis Diabetes, Convent School Road, Block C, Ganesh Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, India

    +91 8700629620

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